Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Taco Loco

Last night I went to Taco Loco which is located in Forest Park on Northland Blvd.  It occupies what used to be Burger King, across from Speedway.  I love it when a new restaurant opens nearby.  It opened about a year ago and I am so glad, the building had been vacant since Burger King left about 3 or 4 years ago.  Since it's like two minutes from my house I have become somewhat of a regular.
So I absolutely love authentic Mexican food, and authentic Mexican tacos are my favorite. Unlike Americanized tacos with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and sour cream... Authentic Mexican tacos are simply just meat, cilantro, onions, and a squeeze of lime on corn tortillas... With hot sauce of course.  I usually get the Carne Asada Steak it is by far the best within a five mile radius. The only gripe that I have with Taco Loco is that sometimes they are a little to light with the onions. I have also had the Carnitas tacos they are very good as well, perhaps a little dry, but what do you expect from fried pork. I like to say I'm a pretty adventurous eater but I haven't ventured to try the tripe, tongue, or gizzard.   But the fact that they have that stuff lets me know that this is authentic Mexican... The good stuff!!
I have also had  the quesadillas chicas with both Carne Asada and Carnitas which were very good and very cheesy.  The Huaraches I also had one time, it was very good as well.  I had never tasted huaraches before and it was definitely something that I would get again. But more often then not I can't stop myself from getting the Carne Asada Tacos, they are truly my favorite tacos around.  Only $1.95 and look at the amount of meat that you get, and each taco has 2 tortillas.  My friend always gets the Enchiladas Verdes with chicken and she loves it.  I have really never been disappointed by this place and I have been like over a dozen times so that's saying something.  It kinda bothers me that this place never seems to be busy, I would really hate to see it go.

With the plethora of "authentic" Mexican restaurants in this area I truly think Taco Loco is one of the best around for the price.  If you haven't been here yet, you really need to go.

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