Thursday, February 2, 2012

Alabama Fish Bar

Today I had Alabama Fish Bar for lunch, my favorite fried fish in town. Once again it did not disappoint. The fish was fried to perfection with a light and crispy breading that was not greasy at all. The fries and the two pieces of bread however i could have done without, but that's not why you go to Alabama Fish. I always get the Whiting partly because i like my fish fillets a little on the thin side, but the Cod which my buddy had looked delicious, I think I am gonna venture out and try that next time.

Even though I love hot sauce on my fish I must suggest not getting any on your order, it will make your fish soggy.  So unless your gonna eat it outside on the street, which can be a little scary, do your self a favor and get the hot sauce on the side.  Lastly don't forget the peppers and onions they are a tad spicy and they add a great kick!
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